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A New Product Means a New Raw Material?

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Author : Sandy
Update time : 2024-01-22 11:29:59
When doing new product development, we will probably hear the keyword "focus". Yes, past experience tells us that if we want to increase the success rate of new products, the more focused the better. Therefore, we developed a variety of products that are sufficiently "focused" for different segmented needs, such as those focusing on hair health, skin health, and skeletal and muscle health... But in the end, we found that each product meets a single need. The key raw materials in the products may all come from the same raw material. 
Is the research direction wrong? Are the research results incorrect? neither.
Let’s turn our attention to collagen.

As Jennifer Aniston, the actress who plays Rachel in Friends, once said, you can start your day full of energy with a cup of coffee with collagen powder every morning; you can also make a collagen muffin to reward yourself for your hard work; It can be a nutritional shake or protein bar when you are working out; it can also be an emergency snack to save your skin when traveling; it can even be a "swaying" non-alcoholic cocktail when relaxing at night...

When "collagen" is transformed from a raw material we are familiar with into an "Overall Health" nutrient that is beneficial to the body's skin, hair, bones, muscles, nails, etc. Finally, collagen becomes part of our healthy lives.

It should be noted that "Overall Health" does not mean that everything can be done, nor is it a cure-all for all diseases in our traditional understanding, but that nutrition is truly made into a daily "necessity" of life and becomes a healthy habit. Thus truly integrating into consumers’ daily lives.
Of course, for products that can achieve such effects, excellent raw materials are very important. Collagensei's collagen raw materials are worth trying.
All in all, one ingredient can indeed achieve many unexpected effects. But the selection of raw materials is very important. We must consider the health of consumers from the perspective of consumers and choose safe and high-quality raw materials.

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