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Uncovering the Secrets of Chitosan

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Update time : 2024-03-04 16:59:36
What is Chitosan
Chitosan is a linear polymer polysaccharide compound extracted from shrimp and crab shells. It is currently the only positively charged polymer material in nature.
Chitosan is recognized by the international scientific community as the sixth indispensable life element for the human body after protein, fat, sugar, minerals and vitamins.
Physical Property
Pure chitin and pure chitosan are both white or off-white translucent flake or powdery solids that are tasteless, odorless and non-toxic. Pure chitosan has a slight pearl luster.

Chemical Property
Chitosan macromolecules have active hydroxyl and amino groups, which have strong reactivity. It can be soluble in water in small amounts, insoluble in alkaline liquids, and easily soluble in acidic liquids. The carboxymethylated derivatives show the properties of polyelectrolytes in the solution.

Physiological Property
1. Control cholesterol
Chitosan has two mechanisms for lowering cholesterol. One is to prevent the absorption of fat, and the other is to excrete cholesterol in the human blood. Chitosan is a natural material with strong anion adsorption power and is suitable for lowering cholesterol without any side effects.
2. Inhibit bacterial activity
Chitosan is easily soluble in weakly acidic solvents. It is particularly worth pointing out that the dissolved solution contains amino groups (NH2+). These amino groups inhibit bacteria by combining negative electrons.
3. Prevent and control high blood pressure
One of the most influential factors in hypertension is chloride ions (cl-). It is usually ingested through table salt. Chitosan excretes chloride ions through the adsorption between its own chloride ions and ammonium ions.
4. Immune effect
Chitosan has higher protein adsorption capacity; under the action of degrading enzymes, chitosan is degradable; Chitosan exhibits a selective and highly inhibitory effect on the growth of oral streptococci without affecting the growth of other beneficial bacteria.

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