R&D center

Collagensei R&D center owes 10+ technicians equipped with cutting edge equipment like HPLC spectrum, CPC titration instrument, atomic analysis instruments to guarantee every batch ship to clients are fully tested before releasing. Our R&D and quality  department have abundant experience in raw material research, development, formulation, efficacy verification and quality control. Collagensei is dedicated to low molecular weight peptide innovation and development. After years of research, 2000 Dalton peptide is the best one to be taken, especially the taste, smell, function are the most smoothly to be digested.

Collagensei keeps on filing new patents to prove our research and innovative capabilities in new ingredients' field. These patents cover new ingredient innovation, manufacturing,new extraction equipment, and new technology, which drivens us to produce higher quality with lower cost. In the past, the instant soluble material could only be granulated, which cost 1.5USD higher than normal powder. Nowadays, agglomeration technology is adopted to make instant soluble product, which saves cost, increases the capacity and improves the quality. 

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